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Family Planning Awareness at CRI 24 Health Centre @ VGC

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines family planning as something that “allows
individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of children and the
spacing and timing of their births. It is achieved through use of contraceptive methods and
the treatment of involuntary infertility.

Throughout the majority of history, women and couples had to count solely on prayer and
luck for family planning. Some couples who desired children were not able to have them.
Other couples have desired fewer children or pregnancies that were spaced farther apart,
but had trouble accomplishing this goal. Until the 20th century, the only reliable way to
prevent or space out pregnancies was abstinence. Fortunately, there are many more family
planning options in modern times.

The term “family planning” is often used as a synonym for “birth control.” Family planning,
however, does not only involve contraception. Family planning also takes into account
planning your child’s birth for specific times (possibly by spacing births a few years apart
from one another) and planning for a child when you have challenges conceiving one.
The significance of family planning cannot be overemphasised. Family planning is important
for the health of a mother and her children, as well as the family’s economic situation.

According to the United States Agency for International Development, having children more
than five years or less than two years apart can cause both a mother and her children
serious health consequences. The financial consequence of having children involves the
medical costs of pregnancy and birth and the high costs associated with actually bringing up
children. Since parents are responsible for providing education, shelter, clothing and food for
their children, family planning has an important long-term impact on the financial situation of
any family.

Starting a family is one of the joys in life that many couples look forward to. Making it happen
isn’t always easy. Both men and women struggle with infertility issues. As a result, about 10
percent of women in the U.S. have trouble getting or staying pregnant, according to the
Centers for Disease Control. Knowing if you’re able to get pregnant is a vital piece of
information that you should consider before you begin planning your family.

Find Out When You Ovulate;

Step 1

Keep track of your menstrual cycle. Write down the start and end date of your periods in a
journal. Look for patterns to see when you ovulate. Ovulation usually occurs about two
weeks after the first day of your last period, but everyone is different.

Step 2

Utilize ovulation calendars. These will determine your best days to conceive. Plug in your
personal information. This may include the first day of your last period and the length of your

Step 3

Buy an ovulation predictor kit. This is available in most drug stores. It measures a hormone
present during ovulation that shows up in urine.

Step 4

Take note of cervical mucus. The closer you are to ovulation, the thinner, clearer and more
plentiful the mucus becomes.

Step 5

Use the temperature method. Track your temperature each day after waking. Your
temperature rises one degree as you ovulate.

Family planning provides many benefits to mother, children, father, and the family.


  • Enables her to regain her health after delivery.
  • Gives enough time and opportunity to love and provide attention to her husband and
  • Gives more time for her family and own personal advancement.
  • When suffering from an illness, gives enough time for treatment and recovery.


  • Healthy mothers produce healthy children.
  • Will get all the attention, security, love, and care they deserve.


  • Lightens the burden and responsibility in supporting his family.
  • Enables him to give his children their basic needs (food, shelter, education, and
    better future).
  • Gives him time for his family and own personal advancement.
  • When suffering from an illness, gives enough time for treatment and recovery

Visit CRI24 Health Center (VGC Shopping Mall), for more information on Family Planning throughout
the month of APRIL.

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