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Onsite Clinics

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On-Site Clinics

  • Medical incidents and emergencies in remote locations can quickly result in large costs to an organization, including injuries or fatalities
  • The average age of workers is rising; and chronic conditions are more common among workers who may not be properly managing such conditions
  • Employers now manage more health issues than ever, with rising costs
  • Services currently provided by HMOs are not sufficient for remote or industrial locations

Establishments that will benefit from a dedicated site clinic include:

  • Oil and Gas Producing Sites
  • Mining Sites
  • Commercial Farms
  • Industrial Sites
  • Large, remote construction projects
  • Range of Services
    • Primary health evaluation and care
    • Clinical services with focus on preventive health and employee wellness
    • Risk based on-site emergency medical stabilization and response by trained personnel
    • Topside Medical Support
      • Medical Risk Management Assessment, Preparedness, and Response
      • 24/7 Medical Assistance Call Centre with trained nurses and physicians to provide TeleHealth support and arrange Medical Evacuation Services
    • Services customizable to client need

Benefit to Employer

  • Expert support in health risk management
  • Continuous on-site health risk assessment and safety audits
  • Cost containment “gatekeeper” to reduce health care costs
    • Direct health care costs such as consultation fees, expensive medication, etc. are eliminated / reduced
    • Indirect health care costs such as poor quality treatment, time lost due to going offsite for medical care, etc.
  • Electronic medical records for data review and analytics to reduce costs, improve wellness, and reduce sick leave which increases productivity
  • Ensures business continuity with professional medical service and healthcare oversight
  • Reduces internal resources required for health of staff at remote site
  • Transfers medical responsibilities and liabilities to CRI’s medical expertise

Benefit to Staff

  • Improves employee health, productivity, welfare benefits, and morale
  • Enhanced value of healthcare investment in employees
  • Reduce absenteeism and increased retention of staff due to focus on health
  • Immediate medical attention available